Learning to Listen — Memoirs of an Entrepreneur

This was a quick lesson in listening I think I’ll be thinking about for sometime now. Such value in this post I couldn’t help but share.

Being a good listener is one of the most important attributes you can have as an entrepreneur.  You need to heed some (but definitely not all) of the advice given to you by advisors/mentors/investors, as well as take on feedback from your customers and users.  It is also essential to listen to some of the ideas your team and employees come up with – if you don’t listen properly, you will regret it days/weeks/months down the line when things begin to unravel beneath your feet.

Listening properly is also important in your social life.  People often crave attention (it is human nature, after all) and, if you cannot listen to your friends/family and give them time, they will quickly grow tired of you.  Is there such thing as learning to listen though?

I used to think I was quite a good listener.  One day (a couple of years ago), however, I was introduced to what good listening really was and I realized that, in fact, I was an awful listener.  Since that day, I have recognized good and bad listeners in everyday conversation with friends, family and colleagues.  Listening well can help you influence people and forge better relationships.

via Learning to Listen — Memoirs of an Entrepreneur

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